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Personnel Management System

Developed with Oracle tools, the product is divided into different modules that cover the requirements related to a company's personnel management.

  • Module to manage the procedure access rights
    • Defines the users of the procedure
    • Defines the role of the user for each function of the procedure


  • Module to manage the attendance

    • Encodes the personal data, contracts, data of the contract, department, magnetic card (badge) for the employee identification
    • Defines the shift schedules necessary for the company
    • Assigns cyclically shift schedules to the employees and plans the weekly working hours to cover the various departments (units, warehouse, ...)
    • Acquires the timecard reader records
    • Manages planned events (holidays, maternity leave, ...)
    • Compares the planned working hours and the records and assigns automatically the reason for an attendance or an absence, or reports an anomaly when there is no correspondence between what has planned and what has been recorded (e.g.: overtime)
    • Processes the justification and the preliminary statement before sending the data to the application (non BiM) that manages the salary slips
    • Statistics


  • Or.So.La. Module to define automatically the working hours according to the work load

    At present there are two modules: one specific to determine the working hours for the cash registers, another one specific for all the other departments.

    • Defines the work loads according to the size of the department
    • Defines the productive activities
    • Establishes what skills the employees should have
    • Defines the basic working hours according to the type of contracts
    • Cyclically assigns basic working hours to the employees
    • Processes and proposes automatically the working hours assigned to the employees in order to cover best the work curve (requirements)
    • Manages simulations for possible adjustments of working hours
    • Manages the planning (specific to the cash register module) which assigns the number of persons who will work at each cash register
    • Various reports


  • Ni.Co.La. Module to plan the staff number and calculate the labour costs
    • Defines the budget of the company
    • Plans the staff number according to the company targets
    • Calculates the labour costs budgeted according to the planned staff number
    • Calculates the actual labour costs according to the actual worked hours
    • Manages the estimated costs
    • Provides reports comparing budgeted and actual costs


  • Module to manage the hiring process
    • Acquires job applications from the Web Portal
    • Manages the acquired applications: personal data, documentation, labour status, previous work experiences, availability
    • Manages the selection process: face-to-face interview, telephone interview, aptitude tests, group tests, CV screening, ...
    • Interviews for the recruitment at a point of sale
    • Work History


  • Module to define the company organization chart
  • Module for the company training process
    • Defines and organises the training courses
    • Pre-registration, registration, attendance, certificate
    • Budgeted and actual costs


  • Module to calculate the employees' bonuses
    • Assesses the employees through area charts (behaviour and results) subdivided into items (e.g.: attendance calculated automatically, sales, productivity) possibly subdivided into parameters (e.g.: care of one’s own look, courtesy and respect, professionalism, service procedures, monitoring procedures, commitment, team spirit, etc.)
    • Prints and delivers assessment sheets
    • Displays and prints statistics per shop, cost






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